2020 has been quite a strange and unprecedented year, to say the least. Actually, I think I never heard of the word ‘unprecedented’ more this year than my whole entire life. Coronavirus/Covid-19 has caused the world, to some extent, turn upside down, and has left many people having to adapt.

One such area comes with the content marketing strategy of websites, especially those that are evergreen and have been hit hard by the pandemic.

From owning a few evergreen sites, here are a few tips I found that kept things flowing during the hardest points of lockdown – if a website/business can survive through such tough times, then the only way is up.


Understand PESTEL

Understand the risks and rewards that you cannot have an influence over is extremely important for evergreen content. I make sure, on a 6 monthly basis, to do a PESTEL analysis and change the content marketing strategy to suit:

  • Political
  • Economic
  • Social
  • Technological
  • Environmental
  • Legal

To give you an idea as to how I used this, briefly, for one of my websites, Poem Analysis:

  • Political – UK decided to drop poetry as non-compulsory learning from 2021 examswill influence UK traffic considerably
  • Economic – Recession coming caused by Covid-19 – won’t influence poetry
  • Social – more people working from home/social distance – won’t influence poetry
  • Technological – ways to access the internet always improving. More emphasis on digital content – could work to help poetry…

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