How should SEM marketers optimize amid the changing landscape?

30-second summary:

  • Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky has said that the COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most significant events ever experienced.
  • Pharma search engine marketers want answers to these key questions – “How are these shifts impacting the search messaging landscape? How to adapt SEM campaigns to remain relevant to shifting patient/provider needs and stay competitive in the search auction?”
  • Ian Orekondy shares insights from AdComplyRx analysis of 50k+ SEM text ads from over 500 prescription treatment brands serving on thousands of keywords.
  • The analysis showed that copy messaging with search terms like “savings” and “coverage” has rapidly risen.
  • He highlights some quotes from industry veterans to help paid search marketers gain clarity on these conundrums.

Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky said on Tuesday’s earnings call that the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic is “one of the most significant events that any of us have ever experienced”.

It has caused more than 120,000 deaths and is impacting every industry, especially the pharmaceutical sector.    

According to IQVIA’s ‘COVID-19 Market Report’, published April 10th with data through March 27th, “increasing unemployment pushes more patients onto Medicaid and into economic fragility. [Likewise], providers are financially strained due to decreased visits, reduced elective…

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