How People Use Google Search (New User Behavior Study)

We analyzed 1,801 Google user behavior sessions to better understand how people interact with modern Google SERPs.

Specifically, we investigated:

  • How many people click on ads vs organic results
  • Percentage of clicks that go to local, video and Google Shopping
  • Average search session length
  • Number of users that make it to the bottom of the first page
  • Lots more

And now it’s time to share what we discovered.

Here Are Some of Our Key Findings:

1. Google searchers use one of Google’s autocomplete suggestions 23% of the time. People that search for informational and local searches tended to click on an autocomplete suggestion more often than those searching with commercial queries.

2. 50% of Google users click on their result within 9 seconds of searching. And the average amount of time it takes a Google searcher to click on something is 14.6 seconds.

3. Only 9% of Google searchers make it to the bottom of the first page of the search results.

4. Only 15% of users modify their initial search term. This suggests that Google tends to serve up highly-relevant results. Or that Google users are adept at choosing the right keyword on their first attempt.

5. Only 17% of users bounced back to the search results after clicking on a result. Only 5% of users bounce more than once for the same query.

6. The majority (59%) of Google users visit a single page during their search session. Only 6% need to visit four or more pages in order to get an answer to their query.

7. 76% of…

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