How One Marketing Agency Earns Radio, Local, and National Television Coverage

Most of us grow up with dreams of making it on TV or the local radio with headlines like “Local Man Does Good” or “Neighborhood Woman Breaks World Record”.

Unfortunately, many of us won’t see those dreams become reality — however, as marketers, we can create content that is worthy of making it big.

My team at Fractl creates content with one goal in mind: to produce the most engaging and impactful human experiences on the web. Sometimes, those experiences are shared on traditional media outlets such as radio and television, as well.

To help your brand increase exposure across a variety of traditional media outlets, let’s explore some techniques you can incorporate to take your content to the next level.

How to Get Radio Coverage

Probably one of the most beneficial forms of publicity is traditional radio and the accompanying blog coverage. Radio networks work together and bounce content from site to site. If your work is featured with one local station, the likelihood of natural syndication increases.

Local and radio outreach is a strategy best employed with light-hearted, evergreen content. For instance, a campaign uncovering popular baby names through generations saw coverage on the iHeart Radio network and was a top performer for our client when it came to natural syndication.

The major draw? Babies who are named after the first family, including Ivanka, Melania, and Baron.

Lists of baby names may seem like an exhausted topic, but still, we see new articles every…

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