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By 2023 eCommerce sales in the United States are predicted to surpass $740 billion

That is almost DOUBLE the sales volume of as little as five years ago.

This poses a range of both opportunities and challenges for SMBs dealing in the digital space.

For starters, more and more people will be transacting online, which is a good thing.

But on the flip side, the competition will continue to increase, making it more costly to acquire customers and devastate your strained marketing budget.

So, how do you prepare for this rapid incline in online sales and competition? How do you stand out?

There is no “one thing” that will flip the switch and make you forever competitive in a digital world.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

There are numerous tweaks and changes you will need to make to your marketing efforts to stay on top of things. Every small improvement adds up to a significant lift in returns.

One small but highly impactful change you can make is to use a new domain name extension.

Domain extensions, such as .FUN, .PRESS, .TECH, .STORE, and .ONLINE, catch people’s attention and have a lasting first impression.

Here are five ways a new domain name can help make your marketing campaigns more impactful.

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