How Much is Your Online Business Worth? (And How to Increase Its Sales Price!) 

You might have started your site as a side hustle or to replace your main source of income.
But have you ever wondered how much your site is actually worth? A lot of entrepreneurs with monetized content sites don’t realize they can actually sell their business for a profitable sum.

Inbound traffic is one of the best traffic sources.

It’s a great lead generation tool and arguably the lifeblood of online businesses, since the quality of your SEO affects how easy it is to find your content.

A well-optimized site can drive tens of thousands of views each month from just a few articles.
As you’re reading this, you’re probably generating revenue from your site through affiliate links or display advertising.

The great news is that sites with optimized SEO are lucrative assets for savvy buyers.

Over the last three years, content sites sold for an average of $94,419, increasing year-on-year in value by 23%.

Sellers who made a profitable exit realized they could pass their business on to someone else so that they could explore other ventures or tend to personal matters while raising a large amount of capital. Yet, many online business owners never even realize that selling their business is an option.

We’ve seen great content sites slump into a former shell of what they were because the site owners didn’t have time to keep up with the latest…

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