We live in an age where most people expect instant gratification. Same-day delivery, swipe right or left, stream your favorite music. Whereas patience was once considered to be a virtue, now it’s practically non-existent.

But just because you want things to happen right now, it doesn’t mean it’s realistic to expect it to happen that way. Such is the case with inbound marketing. But being aware of how it works and the timeframe within which you can start to see results comes in pretty handy. So, let’s go over it, shall we?

What Is Inbound Marketing?


Inbound marketing is a way to attract potential customers by being useful and helpful to them. Instead of disrupting their lives with loud advertisements — that may or may not be relevant to them — you make them aware of your business’ existence and the value that you provide by answering their questions as they start to research a topic.

For example, let’s say a business owner is looking for ways to amp up their cybersecurity. They don’t just decide to purchase a product from the get go. They first go to a search engine and enter related terms, such as “how to increase email security,” “how to recognize phishing scams,” or “best virus protection for small businesses.”

Once they hit enter, they’ll likely find the following types of content:

Then they will click on the links that seem like they may be helpful. Through inbound marketing, you could be listed as one of those resources. The more…

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