How Local Businesses Can Get Started on Twitter

Building a strong Twitter following for a local business is tough. It seems like only big brands, politicians, and celebrities get attention. 

There’s also a ton of information on how to do it, making you feel lost and out of sync with what you really need: a guide on how to use Twitter for local businesses.  

And before we dive into this guide, here are a few stats showing you why Twitter isn’t only for big brands, politicians, and celebrities…

  1. Culturally relevant businesses influence 25% of buying decisions on Twitter
  2. In 2019, the cost per ad engagement reduced by 12%
  3. 24% of U.S citizens use Twitter as their primary social media platform
  4. 32% of Twitter users use the platform to watch videos

Now, let’s say you’re sharing video content (either as ads or organic posts) that is relevant to the culture of the locations your business is serving. What’s going to prevent your followers from buying and becoming loyal customers? 

Let’s dive into how to use Twitter to help your local business grow. 

Getting started with Twitter

When you’re getting started on Twitter, you want to make sure that your customers are already using the platform. 

This way, you’ll avoid investing time and money, only to realize that you could have invested the same into other platforms to get a better ROI.

Determining if your local business should use Twitter

Here are four questions you should ask yourself to make sure that Twitter is right for your local business:

  1. Do your…

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