This Video is the discussion about What is Link Earning & How it is Different than Link Building?

Link Building and Link Earning are the hot terms discussed in the webmaster world frequently and it is likely to know them better as early before the Penguin 3.0 makes attack on your site listing.

Webmasters still not able to get differentiation of these two terms — link building and link earning, though both are a two side of a single coin.

One is having the bright future and that is link earning and second is having a dark shadow that can ruin your site listing one or another day.

In both the cases links are generated pointing to your site but in the case of link building, you generate links for your site and in case of link earning, others are generating links pointing to your site for popular and great reference of your site.

Link earning can be possible in several ways like:

1) In case – the information/content very much useful and totally different than others that the visitors are looking for. This will spread across the boundaries even without your knowledge that will earn link for your site through other site references, blogs, social media etc.

It requires more efforts and time but gives you good results for long duration.

2) Your satisfied clients can online share a word of mouth appreciation about the positive experience they are feeling through the way of appraisal on their sites, on your Google+ reviews, on some relevant forums and review websites that may create a good reputation of your website to your prospective clients and visitors as well to the search engines.

3) Free Content in the form of fee downloads, free applications and software are also can draw attentions of mass media and spread like fires which is useful to grow your presence.

These ways, one can earn good links and reputations for the site pages that Google consider the links generated through Organic way. The organic links are most useful that impresses the search engine to list well as well to fetch good traffic.

So it is advisable to all webmaster to start practicing of generating natural links that will remove the fear of Penguin from your mind and can stable your site indexing in Google.

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