How I Made A Promotion Strategy For My Marketing Agency
More and more companies appear in the marketing services market. This happens because this niche has a low entry threshold, and almost all information for training is available for free on the internet. By the way, Serpstat blog is a direct proof of this.

It is becoming more challenging to stand out against the background of competitors. The use of standard internet marketing tools (contextual, targeted advertising, SEO, SMM) doesn’t bring the expected results concerning the cost of attracting 1 visitor to the site and the cost of 1 lead. Another feature is that the term for deciding on the B2B segment takes from 2 weeks to 6 months, depending on the decision-makers and the company’s organization.

At the moment, there is a tendency for sales to move to “level 3.0”, where:
1.0 – company – person sales;
2.0 – person – person;
3.0 – expert – person, that is, the expertise “sells”.

Even global giants such as Google and Yandex understand this and implement the importance of assigning expertise to content to their search algorithms. For example, the Vega algorithm from Yandex and updatng Google ranking algorithm with the E-A-T factor. Therefore, it is crucial to develop an information strategy to promote services on the Internet in connection with the changing conditions.

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