How Does the Google Local Algorithm Work?

Have you found yourself wondering how the Google local algorithm works? Or just need to find out how to rank in local search and boost your placement in the local pack? Here, Kyle Goodchild (Associate Manager of SEO at Walmart, Canada) breaks down what goes into the local algorithm and takes you through the three core pillars of ranking in local search: relevance, prominence, and proximity.

Ranking in local search is becoming more difficult every day. Why? Competition. The Google local algorithm is constantly updating to ensure that search results best match the intent behind a user’s query.

As SEO specialists and digital marketers, we need to be aware of these updates and be able to pivot or make changes in strategy accordingly. If we don’t, we can lose our local search presence in the blink of an eye. This advanced guide designed to help you understand the local search algorithm will break down the three major ranking pillars, so that you, like myself, can stay ahead of the competition and know what to look out for.

The three major ranking pillars that I will discuss are relevance, proximity, and prominence. By understanding each core pillar, you can set yourself (and your clients) up for success in local search and conquer Google’s local algorithm.

So, without further ado, let’s unpack what makes up the Google local algorithm:


Relevance is a key component of Google’s local algorithm. To ensure that search engines such as Google…

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