Google Reviews notification

Requesting reviews through other methods

Given that we aren’t really a local business we were just using our own tool built for local businesses — we had to use different methods in addition to Reputation Manager to request reviews. Some of the sites we were targeting, such as Fit Small Business, weren’t available on Reputation Manager. 

In these cases, Heather set up notifications for each site and monitored them manually. You can streamline this process slightly by setting yourself reminders, getting push or email notifications, and, of course, using a tracker to monitor progress.  

Though volume of reviews was the initial goal, Heather still continues to send out review requests via Reputation Manager and email on a monthly basis (Tuesdays during US Eastern Time’s morning hours have proven most successful) to ensure we have a continuing flow of reviews on our most important sites.

Another ongoing review generation tactic championed by Heather is including review links in emails. Every customer-facing team member at BrightLocal has a URL directing customers to leave a Google review in their email signature. This not only helps to ensure a steady stream of reviews, but it also means we’re offering every customer — happy or otherwise — the opportunity to share their feedback publically. 

Incentivize your team

While review gating or incentivizing customers is a strict no-no, there’s no rule against offering incentives to your team internally. In fact,…

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