How B2B brands can turn their website into their biggest revenue generator

For senior B2B marketers, the absolute ideal is being able to generate revenue with low-cost marketing initiatives. That’s why 3.8 billion of us use free social media tools, and why so many of us focus our efforts on cost-effective, inbound marketing tactics.

If marketing efficiency is so vital to B2B marketing leaders, then it might surprise you to discover that as much as 98% of your business website traffic is unconverted and anonymous. Every day, engaged potential buyers are searching for businesses just like yours, absorbing your content and showing a legitimate interest in your brand – yet, if they don’t make an on-site enquiry, they go entirely unnoticed.

That leaves sales and marketing teams with just 2% of website leads that enquire.

Today, the most impactful B2B websites are more than flashy digital brochures. Instead, they’re working hard to help sales and marketing functions to fully understand their visitors, utilising intelligent technology to target them directly, instantly and personally.

Enter website intelligence: the key to turning your website into a huge revenue source and converting prospects before your competitors get the chance.

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Advanced tools 

To step up your game and go beyond basic website analytics, the following advanced tools provide a world of high-end data and valuable insight.

Reverse IP tracking technology: With a small piece of code added to your…

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