How Apple's iOS 14.5 Release Could Impact Advertisers

Imagine this: You run a successful online store and have a sleek app that makes shopping a breeze.

Most of your sales come from paid ads on social media, and your usual process involves retargeting customers who open your app but leave without purchasing anything. With this process, you’re able to track user activity across apps and optimize your ad spend as you see what works and what doesn’t.

But, with the release of IOS14.5, the data collected from Apple mobile devices will change. Here’s how.

Apple’s New Privacy Policy

Apple’s confirmed that along with the launch of iOS14.5, there is also a change coming to Apple’s AppTrackingTransparency (ATT) Framework, which is essentially its data sharing and privacy policies.

Apple will now require that all mobile app advertisers gain opt-in from users to track their web and app activity.

While this provides consumers with the ultimate privacy, security, and control over the ads they see across their web and mobile devices, it’s expected that not all users will accept this prompt to opt-in. This could make it more difficult for businesses to reach their target audience, and deliver relevant ads.

From now on, whenever an Apple user downloads your app, they’ll be shown a prompt, asking if it’s okay for the app to track them. Additionally, with limited app user data, companies like Google report that ads could show poorer performance and returns than before the change.

While Apple’s pivot might seem shocking, it is…

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