Boost your rankings by focusing on a better User Experience -

SEO is continuously evolving.

Over the last 2 years I’ve seen a lot of Google updates touching in quantifying “UX signals” and Google using that in algorithms.

While it’s far from perfect yet, providing great UX is now really paying off. Finally, SEO and UX teams can work towards the same goal. Hurray!

On top the practical part, here’s what a great user experience looks like in my opinion:

• Give users a satisfying answer to their question.

• Do this blazingly fast…

• …through a site that’s easy to use on any device.

And, you can achieve that with these four steps:

1. Hit search intent 🎯

2. Win the actual click 🖱️

3. Answer the visitor’s query… ✅

4. While making sure pages load fast 🚄, the website is usable on any device, and the usability is good.

The key to your users’ and search engines’ ❤️ is delivering a great user experience.

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