HFA’s Simple and Effective Antennas for Amateur Radio Operators



HF Antennas For All Locationspdf

HF Antennas For All Locationspdf
HF Antennas For All Locationspdf Related


The Hasselblad 500C, 1000C, and 2000C cameras are all circa-1990, so maybe the product numbers are useful for where you bought your gear. They were discontinued in 2019, and it looks like “The Silver Bullet” probably didn’t reach US customers, so I’m leaving it out of the question.


I don’t know if it helps, but here’s the website for the Hasselblad 2000 II camera:

One or two quick zooming searches on the front page will show you the part number for the breadboard.

I don’t need a break. I will have a break when I want one.


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Using pypandoc + fastify to create PDF

I’m using fastify + pypandoc to generate a PDF and then send it to an email.
const pdoc = pandoc.Pandoc.default();
const fmt = [
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return pdoc
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