Local SEO Guide Kansas

In fact, we never have been in Kansas, but Google seems to disagree.

In November 2020, Google suddenly decided that Local SEO Guide, Inc, a business located in Pleasanton, CA, was actually located in Fawn Creek Township, KS.

Not only that, we had also apparently opened a hotel (in the midst of COVID no less – we are in fact optimists at heart):
Chateau Local SEO Guide

Pretty dumb of us though to open the hotel in California when Google thinks we are in Kansas. Not a lot of operating efficiencies with that set-up.

Jason Brown notes in “Breaking Free of Your GMB Independence Issue” that this Kansas stuff may have started in September 2020.

We don’t really rely on on our GMB page for leads so I shot off a note to Google My Business support and figured they would fix it at some point. Meanwhile it might give us some insight into how their Rube Goldbergian system works. Then I kind of forgot about it.

In February, while in a 20-person Zoom meeting on how much we should freak out about Core Web Vitals, I logged into LSG’s GMB dashboard to see if maybe we had been moved to Colorado (hopefully near Aspen). While in there, for some reason, I decided to add “SEO agency” as a Business Category. “SEO Agency” must be on the double-secret do-not-use list because as soon as I added it, our listing got suspended.

I get it. A lot of SEO Agencies are how shall we say “sketch” businesses. It’s a red flag. But surely GMB would realize that LSG is an…

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