I duplicated an ad set on a long-time running campaign with no rejected or disabled ads and suddenly I was banned. Support stated that duplicating an ad set was against policy. I asked why. This is what they said…


I do minimal advertising on Facebook because of BS just like this. It’s literally the only ad platform I’ve ever used that you can get an account banned or restricted simply for using it’s function.

Oh, and FYI I only duplicated it so I could make one small change while retaining data from the old ad set. Very common practice.

Sorry for the rant, but at least this wasn’t another cookie-cutter “my account was banned!” post. I’m just as tired of those as you all are, I’m sure. I’m honestly just super thankful that I don’t rely on Facebook for my businesses and empathize will the many small and medium businesses that struggle to make ends meet when this crap happens to them.

Edit: deleted a redundant word.

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