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Generally speaking, SEO isn’t the first digital marketing channel you’d look at for “quick-win” opportunities. SEOs can’t flip campaigns on and off with ease. We can’t make changes to ad copy on the fly. We can’t measure the impact of a change within hours (or even days) of the change going live. 

But in the age of COVID-19, when many brands are curtailing paid media spend, SEOs need to find ways to fill the gaps, and they need to find ways to do it as quickly as possible.

Of course, quick wins aren’t always available, and they aren’t always easily identified. If you can identify one, and if you can execute on it properly, then you’ll demonstrate immense value to your client in an increasingly trying and uncertain time.

I want to walk through an experience I had in the past year where I was able to identify and drive a quick win for one of my clients. Though this occurred before the current pandemic, I feel the factors and cooperation that lead to the quick win provide a useful, practical example for SEOs in our current times.

What Factors Contribute to an SEO Quick Win?

For a true quick win to occur in SEO, all parties need to be active and engaged in driving the change/fix toward implementation. 

In the absolute best-case scenario, a few factors will align to deliver a true SEO quick win:

  1. An issue is identified that both you and the client deem “high priority;”
  2. The issue is…

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