HD Online Player (tesoro Del Amazonas 1080p 40golkes)


HD Online Player (tesoro Del Amazonas 1080p 40golkes)

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This is a converter that help me to upload videos on youtube.I found this editor on an article posted on a blog.I want to share it here to help other people.Do not download this program make a donation to the author of this program.I can not upload videos in other sites thanks for making this program.

This is the best software I have found for making Videos/Music with pic and playing on the screen.You can save it as a wallpaper and include it on your desktop.

This software is so easy to install and it even works in Windows XP (support until 2012).No more downloading 100 Programs and try to find a good program for your screen resolutions and video size (resolutions without having any problem).

Installation is simple,so I do not have to search in the internet for the best program and I can just download and install it here in just a few clicks.

Has an amazing interface,no bugs at all.This software will really make your videos look great and the quality is optimal,so no one will be able to tell that you have a poor video and if they do they will think it was something else.

The audio is perfect,the sound quality is really so good and the volume can be controlled from the audio mixer panel in the software.It includes a good set of editing tools with adjustable parameters to guarantee a superb quality of the video and a professional touch.

This software has an amazing and optimizable toolbox which includes format convertion and optimizing tools,change IPTC and other meta data,DVD burning,picture cut,color palette,you can also record the video as a.mp4 file with the best settings for the video

The best part of this software is that it has a time lapse and a shooting mode that are very easy to use and have a sound recorder (button in the tray icon).It also has a viewfinder so you can watch your video while you are recording it.

It even has a frame rate control and you can create custom time lapses.This software is really excellent because it saves all the information you enter in the current session of your computer.

If you want to share your video in Facebook, Youtube, Dailymotion or many other sites this software is really the best option.

It includes a Web accelerator to save you a lot of time and it supports html tags which is amazing because now you will be able to create a video in a very short time.