Hamlet Batista originally is from the Dominican Republic and is now based in New Jersey, less than an hour from my office actually. I did offer him a ride but he turned me down and instead flew in from Newark Airport. He is the CEO of RankSense, an agile SEO software firm.

Hamlet founded many companies and has been in the SEO space since 2002. He started Nemedia, and did old fashion black hat SEO in the old days and it worked well. He said regulation and new laws made his business defunct and got out before that happened. He then tried to launch a software, SaaS business, named NemediaSoft but that did not work out too well. He then moved to New York and joined an SEO company named Altruik. He then started his own agency, RankSense. RankSense is SEO analytics and implementation in Cloudflare, so he is doing some sort of SEO automation with this company.

(5:35) Scale SEO through technology is something Hamlet is passionate about. He said he is an engineer and he is passionate about fixing inefficiencies. So he finds problems and then builds technology to fix those problems. Something I am personally very passionate about. In fact, one of his kids is wired in a way that is all about efficiency and he loves watching his kid act this way.

One example of something he built was around tracking URL mapping, meta descriptions, URL rewrites, title tags, etc. There is a lot of basic things you can automate that you do not need to do by hand.

(8:58) Automating SEO: When it comes to doing this yourself, take baby steps. Don’t jump into the deep end. Learn slowly or hire a developer to do it for you. Learn to communicate with a developer, he said that alone is a big skill. Start by taking stuff that you do all the time, and document that and then do pseudo code. You can automate things with Excel and then once you automate it with Excel, you can then maybe learn Python or some other coding language to automate it even more.

You can follow Hamlet on Twitter @hamletbatista and check out ranksense.com.

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