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One of the few real 3D war games to be produced, Gundam Tactics: Mobilized Fleet 0079 is the second game in the Gundam Tactics series after the first game, Gundam Tactics. In 0079, Yuuma Sakaki faces his greatest threat ever; the attack on Earth by the G-Qi.

However, in Gundam Tactics 0079, the Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny series is merged with two Gundam anime to make the first anime game in the Gundam Tactics series.

In Mobile Suit Gundam 0079, the player assumes the role of Yuuma Sakaki, a mecha pilot, who is being sent to Earth’s space in order to defend it against any incoming attacks. The player sends his unit of units, called Assault Attack Units (AAU), to the ground, where they are divided up into three teams. The Ground Team is sent to the Munne Space to destroy the Gundam destroying the G-Qi. In Gundam Tactics: Mobilized Fleet 0079, the player can choose to either play as his ground team. The remaining two teams are, however, the only ones available to play as. One team is sent to Earth to defend Munne Space against the incoming attack.

The game also allows for the player to play against the computer using a variety of AI-controlled units. When the player challenges a computer opponent, the player can choose from 24 different computer units including the Mahamaruka, the Armored Corps, the Assault Corps, and more.

The three units in each team are deployed in two categories:

Ground Team

Mobile Combat Corps

Siege Force

The Ground Team consists of the Gundam, a new Mobile Suit designed by the Earth Defense Force, and five Assault Attack Units. The Assault Team, also known as the Assault Corps, is in charge of dealing with any opponents that appear on the battlefield. The Mobile Suit Gundam is a space-class advanced mobile suit. Its composite material resembles that of a steel class and it is armed with a beam rifle, beam saber, shield, helmet and backpack.

The Mobile Combat Corps is the only mobile suit that is unable to be destroyed by beam weapons. As a result, the mobile suit can only be damaged and is incapacitated and can only be repaired using repair droids. In addition, it has a variety of weapons. The Mobile Combat Corps is in charge of the mobile suit’s normal operations.

The Fighter Force is in charge of their mobile suit’s movements on the battlefield