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Ganapathi, also spelled Ganapathi Swami, is the primary deity of the Lingayat community. He is also known as Gopinatha in Shiva temples.

The deity is usually represented as a formless god. Ganapathi’s consort is known as
Bhudevi, and they are also depicted as a formless couple. The main feature of the god is the trunk, which represents his engorgement and is sometimes made of live elephants. The deity is associated with storms, rains, storms, cow-herds, peace and wealth. Sometimes, Ganapathi and Bhudevi are depicted as part of Ganesha-Budha-Vishnu trio.

When the deceased person is cremated, Gopi-Ganapathi is raised at the funeral pyre. The pyre is usually constructed of masonry, as opposed to wood. After this, Ganapathi and the widow are ritually bathed.

Inter-religious use
In pre-independence India, Ganapathi was widely used as an alternative to Shiva in the Vaishnavite faith. Ganesha, in turn, is often considered a regional form of Shiva in the Shaktism tradition.


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