We are a mere couple of weeks away from Google’s May update to their search engines and what an update it is going to be. There has been a lot of talk about this update, most notably how this is an update about page experience – if you have a good page experience, you are likely to see improvement in rankings.

Actually to be clear, you ‘might’ seen an improvement. Many people are putting a huge emphasis on this update when really it is about using page experience as the ‘deciding factor’ between two results that are very similar.

So if you have niche content that is ranking very well, unless some other websites have just as good content, then will page experience heavily determine if you rank on top of your competition or not.

It’s also worth looking at your niche too – if everyone in your niche has still poor core web vitals, you have a huge opportunity to gain some rankings on them!

Regardless, this is a big update and one that we all have had plenty of time to prepare for. Just in case you haven’t here is a quick checklist to make sure you benefit from this search engine update as much as possible.

  1. Choose quick hosting – your website speed starts with your hosting. After research and experimenting, I have found WPX hosting and Cloudways (either Digital Ocean or VULTR HS) to be the quickest. A notable mention could also go to Kinsta.
  2. Use a cache on your site – without this, your CPU usage on your server will go through the roof, and your page…

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