Google’s 'Interesting finds' SERP feature: The 'interesting' reason why mobile organic search traffic remained strong while desktop dropped

While helping a company that dropped during the January 2019 core update, I came across an interesting situation, pun intended. The site dropped by about 30% overall and I began digging into the drop to learn more about what was going on. One thing I noticed pretty quickly was that desktop traffic from Google organic dropped more than mobile, and sometimes much more than mobile for the queries I was checking.

For example, I noticed clicks from Google for some queries dropped 30%+ on desktop, while clicks on mobile-only dropped by 5-10%. I saw this trend a number of times for this specific site. Well, it didn’t take long to see why the drop on mobile wasn’t as bad, and it emphasizes the importance of reviewing SERP features for your own site.

Rankings in the 10-blue links revealed the site did drop several spots for a number of queries on both desktop and mobile, but the drop in traffic was much greater for desktop. So, what happened on mobile that was keeping traffic flowing to the site?

Well, luckily for this site, there was often an “Interesting finds” module in the SERPS where the site ranked well. And for some queries, they ranked multiple times in the “Interesting finds” module! So instead of one organic listing that dropped on page one (and out of the viewport), the site ended up having three listings on page one (and two in an eye-catching SERP feature like “Interesting finds”).

Here is what multiple listings could…

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