Google's Holiday Shopping Experience: Black Friday Recap

Episode Overview: We’ve reached the end of the road for 2019 on the Voices of Search podcast, rounding out the year taking one final look at data from Black Friday’s aftermath. Join host Ben and Searchmetrics CEO Jordan Koene as they review some of the big winners and the key winning strategies from Black Friday. Also, Ben and Jordan take a moment to reflect on the Voices of Search’s growth in 2019 and share with listeners what they can expect from the podcast in 2020.


  • Google’s efforts to share data from its Google Shopping experience to divert traffic from Amazon led to positive gains during Black Friday, which can be attributed to their multi-media awareness building strategy.
  • Retail giants Walmart, Target and Best Buy secured a significant amount of traffic during Black Friday, due to creating more content, diversifying category sets, improving product pages and product descriptions.
  • YouTube acquired a large segment of informational query traffic as people sought information about products, watching YouTube influencers unbox and review products before they made purchasing decisions.


Ben:                 Welcome to the last 2019 episode of the Voices of Search podcast. I’m your host Benjamin Shapiro and joining us today is Jordan Koene who is the lead SEO strategist and CEO of Searchmetrics Inc. And today Jordan and I are going to talk about a couple things going on in the SEO world about Black Friday, and…

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