Christine Zirnheld

Tune in to this week’s episode of Marketing O’Clock to hear Jess Budde, Greg Finn, and Christine “Shep” Zirnheld deliver the latest digital marketing news.

Google shakes things up on desktop SERPs

Jess tells you about Google’s desktop facelift, featuring more favicons and less-prominent ad labeling.

Changes coming to Chrome

Greg talks about the plethora of announcements from the previous week.

Chrome is doing away with apps, user-agent strings, and eventually, third party cookies.

Google rolls out ‘Popular Products’ in mobile search results

Did Google listen to our show and hear Greg’s complaints about Google Shopping?

Probably not, but we’re really excited about the new organic shoppable listings!

Google Ads introduces bid & budget simulators for more smart bid strategies

The bid simulator is now available for target CPA campaigns and the budget simulator can be used with maximize clicks and maximize conversions.

If you use maximize clicks, you may want to tune in for some free advice from Jess Budde.

Google January 2020 Core Update 

Time to annotate your accounts! Google announced the update on January 13 and said it was nearly done rolling out by January 16.

Google Ads’ Custom Dimensions are in Beta

Shep talks about the new tool that will help advertisers annotate their accounts and group campaigns together for reporting purposes. Then she shares an example that’s definitely not dry January approved.

In our ICYMI segment, Marie Haynes shares a screenshot that…

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