GoogleBot Would Rarely Ever Submit A Form

Google’s John Mueller said it would be “extremely rare that Googlebot would submit a form” on your web site. He said Google did this more often in the old days, espesially on governmental web sites where there was no site navigation and the only way to get to public content was to use a search box on the site. But nowadays most sites have good navigation through links and it is is rare for Google to have to submit forms.

He added that if you do see GoogleBot submitting forms on your site, it might show that you need to improve your site’s navigation and architecture to enable Google to crawl the site normally.

He said this at the 15:08 mark into this video:

Here is the transcript:

It’s extremely rare that Googlebot would submit a form.

It’s something where we primarily did this way in the beginning when websites were structured in the way that we could not crawl them properly. In particular we saw this issue on a lot of government websites where there is a lot of content on the site but to find it you had to go to a search form to actually find links to that content. And for sites like that pretty much the only way to get to the detailed content was to go through the search form.

However for pretty much every modern site we can crawl normally and people are used to creating a structure where we can crawl with categories and subcategories. Where essentially we never need to go through any of the forms.

So I would imagine most of the people who have sites who have logs…

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