Screenshot of Discover Follow feature in Chrome

Google added new documentation for a beta feature that allows users to follow a website on their Google Discover feed. The feature allows users to follow a website and see them in their Discover feed when a new article is published.

The new feature will show up for users in the United States who are using Chrome Android Beta (also known as Chrome Canary).

Google has been testing this feature since May 2021 and today they have added documentation for it in Google Search Central.

The Discover Follow feature is being shown to a limited set of users but it still may be useful to get in first and begin obtaining loyal readers through Discover.


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Screenshot of Follow Feature in Chrome Android Beta

How to Optimize for Follow Feature

Publishers don’t necessarily have to do anything to be successfully followed.


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However Google does recommend that publishers have an up to date RSS or Atom feed that Google can use to identify new articles.

Not only that, but Google has a way for publishers to communicate which feed can be used for following in Discover.

“By default, the Follow feature uses RSS or Atom feeds on your website.

If you don’t have an RSS or Atom feed on your website, Google automatically generates a feed for your entire domain based on our view of your site.

If you have one or more feeds on your website, you can optimize your Follow experience by explicitly telling Google which feed you want people to follow…

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