It is time to get ready for Google SEO trends in 2016. Google, the number search engine in the world, always keeps us on our toes!


Search engine optimization looks very different today than it did 5 years ago.

With its algorithm updates and other changes over the years, staying on top of what is shaping the future of Daftar Situs Judi Slot Online Bonus New Member is a must!

Google SEO 2016 Trends and Strategies

Technology changes fast. Here are three important Google SEO trends to pay attention to for 2016.

0:39 Google Mobile Friendly. Be sure your website is mobile friendly or you may get penalized in search.

Check your website out at the GOOGLE MOBILE FRIENDLY TEST and get compliant.

1:15 Voice Search and Long Tail Keywords
As part of your SEO keyword research, long tail keywords will become more important than ever.

2:07 YouTube Video SEO
Add a strong video marketing strategy to your business plan. YouTube is expected to account for over half of search traffic.

2:57 Visual Content
Paying more attention to visual content is another important aspect for Google SEO trends in 2016.

As Google SEO search continues to transition with changing search patterns, you must also tweak a few things.

Google SEO trends in 2016 is all about adapting to change and focusing on how useful your content is.

What’s your take on where Google SEO is going in 2016 and how will you make adjustments to keep up?



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