Alan Bleiweiss Asshat Regex


Well it finally happened. Google Search Console’s Search Performance report now supports regular expressions. So this is great because you can now do cool searches like:

Alan Bleiweiss Asshat Regex

But while we waited six years to be able to correlate alan bleiweiss with asshat (it’s not causation folks), our crack TechOps team decided to figure out how to do this ourselves.

We SEO types are never satisfied with the free tools that Google gives us, because with a little extra work, there’s usually there’s a way to get something much more useful. Of course I’m talking about the Google Search Console API. If you haven’t figured out how to use it yet, I strongly recommend you prioritize making it happen. Here are some SEO tech nerd reasons why:

  1. The API already let’s you do regex searches! Put the API data into something like Google Big Query and you can do complex SQL queries over large data sets and much faster than via GSC.
  2. You get way more data from the GSC API than in the GSC interface – ask Noah Learner for his recent LocalU deck to see what someone creative can do with that data. Here’s an example:
    GSC shows 1,000 keywords for this site for the term “pci”:Google Search Console Queries
    Now here’s…

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