Google Rocks the Boat Big Time

They did it again — they caused an uproar, stress, some panic, and of course, some traffic fluctuations. Google claims they are trying to do what is best for users with this update, and are decluttering and deduplicating the search results. We have also seen SERP design changes — favicons and then no favicons, and now a blah SERP design that people, again, don’t like. 

January has seen a lot of changes from Google, and everyone is just trying to keep up. SEMrush has tried to get insights from experts that could help, but at this point, everyone is still watching the fallout and studying data to determine if these changes will help or hurt them. Some are reporting improvements in traffic, and some are not — we all need time for evaluation. 

Great Articles I Found This Week: 

Before we jump into all the latest news, I want to share some articles that might be helpful to you. 


Got a Featured Snippet? Your URL is No Longer in the SERP

It all started with this tweet:

And Google’s Danny Sullivan replied: 

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