Google Recipe Bug Continues Into Thanksgiving Cooking Season

Earlier this month, we reported that Google has been investigating a bug with its recipe rich results where the images would disappear from the recipe results. This can obviously be devastating in terms of click through rates and traffic to those sites with these recipes. The worst part, it is now the Thanksgiving cooking season and it is still not fixed.

This is similar, if not the same, as the recipe bug from the month before that had images dropping out of these recipe cards. Here is one example, although this one is now working for me.

Here is when the image is missing:

Here is when the image is working:

The image can be do or die for the searcher clicking on the recipe or not.

The trick is to get Google to recrawl and index the page using Google’s URL Inspection Tool. Which is not fun for a recipe site that is missing tons of images.

Danny Sullivan and John Mueller of Google are working on it with the appropriate Google teams, but it is taking a lot of time…

Jeff Hawley, who is on top of this recipe bug, said it is still not fixed as of this morning:

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