Google Posts Core Web Vitals & Page Experience FAQs

Google posted an FAQ around Core Web Vitals and the upcoming Google Page Experience update launching in May 2021. Google’s Cheney Tsai said the company has compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about Core Web Vitals and Page Experience. This was not posted as a blog post or help document but in the Google Webmaster Help forums.

Here is that list:

Q: What are the metrics? Why are they relevant to users?

A: User-centric metrics are a critical tool in understanding, measuring and improving the user experience of your website. Largest Contentful Paint measures how quickly users see content. First Input Delay measures how responsive a site is to user input like tapping a button or entering data in a form. Cumulative Layout Shift measures how often elements of the page move around while the user is trying to read or interact with it.

Q: Is Google recommending that all my pages hit these thresholds? What’s the benefit?

A: We recommend that websites use these three thresholds as a guidepost for optimal user experience across all pages. Core Web Vitals thresholds are assessed at the per-page level, and you might find that some pages are above and others below these thresholds. The immediate benefit will be a better experience for users that visit your site, but in the long-term we believe that working towards a shared set of user experience metrics and thresholds across all websites, will be critical in order to sustain a healthy web ecosystem.

Q: If I…

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