Google Q&A Feature

Levi Williams-Clucas is a UK-based SEO specialist who works primarily in local SEO. Levi’s passion lies in helping local businesses get found online and she says there’s no better feeling than seeing a Google My Business listing she’s worked on appearing in that lauded Map Pack.

In this guide, Levi explains what Google Q&A is and how local businesses can use it to boost their visibility, convert searchers, and more.

What is Google My Business Q&A?

The Google My Business Q&A feature enables searchers to ask and answer questions about a place, business or landmark via its Google My Business profile, and gives the business owner or representative the opportunity to respond to them there, too. An additional ‘upvote’ feature allows searchers to show others that a particular answer was the most helpful or most accurate.

Why was it introduced?

GMB Q&A was introduced in 2018 to help customers find out information about businesses that isn’t easily available outside of the website (or that isn’t on the website at all), and to allow the business owner to answer common questions that could otherwise go unanswered. 

What does it look like?

Here’s what the Google My Business ‘Questions and answers’ feature looks like when searching in Maps:

And here’s what it looks like in a desktop search: 

Google Q&A Feature

When does Q&A appear on your profile? 

The Q&A section on your profile will appear all the time, even if you have no questions. In search results, the Q&A block appears…

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