Google My Business: New Features, Updates and Tests Roundup

As we approach Christmas, there seems to be no let-up in the fast pace of updates and tests in Google My Business. At BrightLocal, we may have been busy releasing a detailed piece of research, a complete guide to local SEO and an entire learning Academy, but that won’t stop us catching you up on the goings-on around Google My Business over the past month.

Between official updates, rumored tests and new features, there’s a lot to cover, so strap in!

Google launches Small Business Advisors program

In Mid-November, Google served up a new program designed to assist small businesses in the United States with their online marketing (using Google tools throughout, naturally). 

For $39.99 per session, a small business owner can discuss a maximum of two Google tools with an official advisor, and get the tips they need to perform better online using those tools.

Wondering who’s eligible for the SBA program? Google says it’s specifically designed for business owners who:

  • Feel overwhelmed or uncertain about their business’s online presence
  • Have advanced product questions
  • Don’t have an online marketing specialist or outside marketing agency
  • Have never used Google products

The appointments last 50 minutes, are performed over screen-sharing, and are staffed by Google personnel who will perform pre-appointment research on your business. Users are encouraged to “share their goals” with Google in advance so that both parties can make the most of the session.

Why is…

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