Google My Business Management 101

It’s no secret that Google My Business (GMB) is an incredibly popular platform and plays a huge part in influencing local rankings. According to a survey carried out by Whitespark, Google My Business is the number 1 ranking factor for the local pack.

But GMB goes beyond rankings. Many call it the homepage for local businesses—the first place customers will find and evaluate your business—whether they are looking at customer reviews, exploring your services, or converting directly from your listing.

This is why we’re proud to announce the next free course to land in BrightLocal Academy: Google My Business Management 101.

We’ve created this detailed new course in collaboration with local SEO and GMB expert Niki Mosier. Why? Well, we noticed that there’s lots of advice out there about setting up and optimizing a GMB listing but not a great deal about managing and maintaining them.

Google My Business isn’t just a one-and-done activity. Understanding how to handle the ongoing maintenance of a GMB listing is key to ensuring you see continual local visibility success. That’s why this course goes beyond giving advice on how to simply enhance GMB listings and includes clear guidance on how to manage and maintain them for long-term success.

Throughout the six lessons, Niki shares her knowledge on how to:

  • Claim, verify and optimize a GMB listing
  • Generate and respond to GMB reviews
  • Fight GMB spam and beat competitors
  • Report on GMB success with key stakeholders
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