Google tries to distinguish press releases from other types of content and may treat them differently in search results, says Search Advocate John Mueller.

This topic is discussed during the Google Search Central SEO hangout recorded on February 19.

SEO Michael Lewittes mentions to Mueller that he regularly sees news outlets cover press releases and rank above the original source.

Sometimes the original source is a reputable organization such as the Associated Press or Reuters.

Lewittes asks how can news outlets republish the same information and rank above those sources?

In response, Mueller says it may have to do with how Google processes press releases. He shares that they may be handled differently from other types of content.

Google’s John Mueller on Press Releases in Search Results

Mueller says Google tries to recognize situations where the same article is being republished and tries to treat it “accordingly” in search.


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“It’s hard to say. I think in most cases we try to recognize situations where exactly the same article is being republished and then to treat that accordingly in search by showing the original or the one we think it might have come from.

But there are lots of cases where we can’t recognize that completely. And it’s sometimes a matter of – this content is here but someone also wrote about the same topic somewhere else – and then we have those two viewpoints.

I don’t think there’s anything technical or…

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