Google Local Update

Google, I believe, for the first time ever, has confirmed a Google Local update. Google confirmed on Twitter the November local update we wrote about here a few times, some are also calling it the Bedlam update. But Google named it the Nov. 2019 Local Search Update.

We first wrote about this update on November 7th when we saw a lot of chatter within the local SEO community for a few days in a row. Then Joy Hawkins named it the Bedlam update, thinking this was a relevancy update – which is kind of is. It was neural matching getting into the local algorithm for the first time.

Let me go through everything I know about this update since I wrote about it at Search Engine Land.

(1) Google added neural matching to local queries, something Google did to normal queries back in 2018:

(2) It helps Google understand the query and how it related to concepts, including the business name but beyond that:

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