With first-party data becoming more relevant and third-party cookies becoming a thing of the past, this leaves marketers questioning, how can I best prepare? With these changes, remarketing will likely be limited. We’ll instead focus more on targeting users with certain interests or browsing habits. This results in limited capabilities when it comes to reaching certain markets. The time is now to test new audience methods in Google Display Network. 

Regarding new privacy laws, how do we best prepare for the unknown? Well, just like anything in life, you can’t cover your bases fully, but you can do your best to prepare. Read on to learn more!

So, What Are Third Party Cookies?

Simply put, cookies remember things such as login details, products added to cart, etc. First-party cookies are created by the original domain, third-party cookies are created by other domains. A first-party cookie can only be accessed by the original site, where third-party cookies can be accessed by anybody, given you download the third party code. 

How Does This Relate To Me? 

As digital marketers, knowing what platforms and what strategies resonate with certain areas of the marketing funnel is our bread and butter. Typically, awareness is at the top of the funnel, followed by consideration and conversion. 

One of my clients has been heavily testing Display on the Google Display Network. This has given me the opportunity to test a multitude of methods,…

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