November 2019 Local Algorithm Update

Since November 3, when our local algorithm monitoring tool Local RankFlux alerted subscribers of high volatility in the local pack, the local search community has been abuzz with theories circulating as to what could be causing the major drops and increases in rankings.

November 2019 Local Algorithm Update

On Monday, December 2, Google confirmed it had rolled out an update (previously referred to as the Bedlam update – a term coined by local SEO queen Joy Hawkins) based on neural matching – an AI method used to better connect words with concepts.

Until Monday, theories of relevancy, proximity, link building, and so-called “swapasaurusing” had continued to fill the forums and Twitter threads. Prior to this confirmation, on November 12, Google had addressed the rumors of a local algorithm update, with its Search Liaison Twitter sharing the following:

While Google’s attempt at clearing the air might have caused some frustration among local SEOs, it did reinforce the idea that something was afoot in the world of local search algorithms. Since Google’s initial statement, flux continued to run rampant, with agencies and SMBs taking to the forums to try to make…

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