So a few months ago we made the decision as an agency not to take Google 'Account Strategist' calls, due to giving so many chances over the past year for them to provide legitimate support, but instead they just waste alot of our time with dangerous suggestions from the 'Recommendations' list ultimately attempting to increase our client budgets.

This week we've had a couple of issues which need support intervention – a client with incorrect policy violation flags, and another regarding adding Pmax negatives. Both of these tickets have been unanswered for a week…odd I thought, not their usual support.

I decided to check my own personal ads account and found the 'Call' and 'Chat' options were available, with normal opening hours.

However on our MCC Call/Chat has been 'closed' all week, with the operational hours set to 7:00-7:00 etc, aka never open.

It doesn't matter which of the 30+ client accounts I visit in our MCC, they all say the same. Screenshots of what we see –

TLDR; It appears our Google Partnered MCC account can't access chat/call support, and email support isn't answering our tickets. Only association I can give is related to us refusing to speak to account strategists (aka sales advisors in disguise) over the past months via calls and asking them to email over any recommendations instead.

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