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The New Google Analytics

Google Analytics 4, formerly the App + Web property, is now the default when adding a new property in Google Analytics.


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Google recommends setting up new Google Analytics 4 properties for all existing properties as new improvements will only be available on Google Analytics 4 moving forward.

Google Analytics 4 has improved integration with Google Ads, can pull YouTube conversions into the Analytics interface, and focuses on customer-centric measurement.

Google plans to add modeling in the future to adapt to tracking without third-party cookies.

Google Ads Improves Conversion Reporting & Attribution

Advertisers who are eligible for the new open beta will be able to see YouTube clicks and video engagements in their Top paths, Path metrics, and Assisted conversions reports for YouTube and search campaigns.

Google also announced a new conversion lift measurement beta to complement its existing search and brand lift measurement on YouTube.


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Lastly, changes are being made to the data requirements for data-driven…

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