Although Google didn’t confirm it, this week saw a number of algorithm updates roll out – but then again, they never do confirm such things. Anyaw, heres a quick run-down of whats happened over the past 7 days.

Google launched the Sept. 2019 Review Rich Results update that looks like it is almost done rolling out but removed reviews from the snippets of tons of sites, there are new rules around review rich results so check it out.

Google seemed to have shortened the length of the title tags.

Google launched key moments in video results.

Google added two new enhancement reports in Search Console, one for breadcrumb structured data and the other for datasets structured data. It is important that if you syndicate your content to others, they canonical back to your original story. Google says you must use JavaScript redirects when redirecting the old AJAX Scheme to the new URLs.

Google says hosting old content on new domains is fine. They showed an emoji as a search suggested in auto-complete. Google Ads showed an emoji in a display URL. Google is testing 3.5 cards for the top stories carousel.

AdSense warns publishers to add an ads.txt file. Don’t miss the Dr. Pete vlog from this week.

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