Goodbye, Flash : SEO

Flash was ahead of its time. Show some respect.

  • fonts other than Arial, Garamond etc.

  • Responsive before the word even existed in any of your vocabularies

  • fun, yeah I said it, the web isn’t fun anymore and you know it. The web is boring, souless, and derivative.

  • people pushed the creative boundaries of what the web could be, using flash and actionscript

Yeah it had it’s shortcomings. Fair enough. But don’t go on acting like Jobs fought this “evil piece of tech” because of its shortcomings. He killed flash because people could have circumvented the App Store and used flash based apps on the iPhone.

“Yay! The most creative tool that ever existed on the web is dead. Let me parrot all the negative stuff I heard about it!”

Rejoice slaves of industry, rejoice.

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