When Gmail ads first came out years ago, I initially was not a fan. But looking back, my incorrect opinion was my own fault. This is because I looked and set up Gmail ads with the same approach as I did my normal Display Network campaigns. Yes, Gmail is part of the Display Network, but the mentality of the user is completely different.

Showing up in someone’s inbox is very personal. No matter if we’re using Gmail placements as top of funnel or remarketing, the message we put in front of users is extremely important.

I will always acknowledge every account is different. This includes accounts within the same industry. That being said, I want to share strategies I have used on my Gmail campaigns in the past that have seen success in building the right awareness and also converting users.

Consider Blocking Gmail Placements from other Display Campaigns

If you are using Responsive Display ads in Google Ads, your ads can show up on Gmail. As with any Responsive Display ad, you can select a variety of images, videos, headlines, and descriptions. Google will then create and test Gmail ads in a variety of combinations.

Like I said in the introduction, we must be careful how we market to users on Gmail. For that reason, I like to create dedicated Gmail campaigns if I want my ads to be shown on that Google property. My goal is to do whatever I can to control the message and user experience. That is why I like to add Gmail as a placement exclusion in…

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