The good thing about Google Analytics is that it will allow you to gain an incredible amount of marketing and SEO insights from it. These insights will help you a great deal in discovering the opportunities that may exist Through which you can maximize the overall performance of your website. 

You will get to know about the engagement metrics, conversion metrics and lots of other insights all of which will contribute significantly to your knowledge and help you in maximizing your SEO efforts. 

Custom segments 

One of the most significant actionable insights that you can come to know using Google Analytics is the custom segments. This is the key feature of the tool that will allow you to see: 

  • The different traffic by channel 
  • Visitors who performed a specific task and completed a goal 
  • The demographic data and lots more. 

You can create custom segments almost from any facet of the user data that will be provided to you by the analytics tool and include: 

  • Number of visits to the specific pages 
  • The number of visitors from a specific location and others. 

Using the custom segments will help you to learn more about the visitors to your site and how they engage with your site.  

Determine additional segments 

You will also get a great help in determining additional segments when you use this in the right way. Additional segments can be created in the Audience tab of Google Analytics which you will find by navigating as under: 

  • Audience 
  • Interests and  

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