What’s up there SEO Pros?

Today I show you the three phases you’ll need to dive in when starting your first SEO audit and first rounds of SEO implementations for your websites.

The three phases are as follows:

Phase 1: Sitewide SEO issues and initial low barrier (low cost) to entry SEO audit.
Phase 2: SEO for individual URL issues.
Phase 3: Keyword research and content clustering.

For Phase 1, you can grab my free to use SEO audit template right now at: https://chasereiner.com/seo-audit-checklist-template/

Remember that for Phase 1, I really recommend you start with giving your audits away for free and then as you get more clients wanting your services, start charging a few hundred dollars, remember, your audit isn’t ideally where you should be making all of your money.

For Phase 2, you’ll need Screaming Frog with API access to Google Analytics and Search Console, which unfortunately you will need to pay for. However, if you are going to be doing SEO long term I really recommend you get AHREF’s, Screaming Frog, and Bench Marketer as your go-to tools for audits and implementation. Here are the links to all three:
1. Ahrefs (https://ahrefs.com/)
2. Screaming Frog (http://screamingfrog.com/)
3. Bench Marketer (https://chasereiner.com/bench-marketer/)

For Phase 3: You are ideally doing hyper-competitive research and trying to replicate what your competition is doing so that you can improve and create a better experience for visitors.

That’s ideally it!

Now you have the tools to the kingdom and the sky is your only limit.

Good luck out there and until I see you next time,

Happy SEO’ing!