startup data, which works with both apple and google devices, has a similar feature to bumble called tryst. you can upload your favorite clothes and what you would want do in your bedroom. your match can then browse through your outfit to see if you’re a good fit. not to mention that if you’re interested in them, they can pop out into an actual chat room.

i’ve been using the bedpost app for a little while now, and i decided to give them a try again with their latest update. bedspot is more of a pick-up technique than an actual app. basically, if you both think you’re interested in the other person, you’ll both see that info, and if you’re both interested, you’ll both get a match. you don’t have to worry about the first person being creepy because after the initial match, bedpost just sends a message to the other person, asking if they’re interested in a pick-up.

here’s my favorite feature with bumble: if the person you’re chatting with is too sexual for you, you can just say no. that person is going to be able to see that, and you don’t have to worry about being that creepy person. it’s better if you are the creepy person, because the focus is on you finding someone who isn’t creepy.

okcupid is another widely-used dating app that’s been adapted to the hookup game. similar to hinge, okcupid has created a feature where people can simply pay to message each other. it’s kind of like a kinkier version of hinge.

a very, very popular site is called rsvp. it has features that resemble the dating apps. if someone has a birthday or an event they’re attending they can add it to their list. you can also find an event going on in your area, and rsvp can let you know if there are guys there.