Five reasons why SEO should be prioritized over paid media campaigns

30-second summary:

  • Most marketers combine SEO and paid media campaigns, but the marketing budget between the two should not necessarily be split down the middle.
  • Paid media campaigns, which include PPC, social, and influencer campaigns, are a one-and-done expense, meaning the investment doesn’t build on itself.
  • SEO can take weeks or months to show results, but after the effort, it’s cost-effective and sustainable.
  • All in all, SEO should be prioritized if you’re focused on the longevity of your company’s marketing scheme.
  • Elevation Marketing’s Vice President of Strategy and Marketing Services explains why SEO gives more bang for your buck.

US digital ad spending was expected to grow 19% to $129.34 billion by 2020, finally surpassing traditional advertising methods. According to eMarketer, this figure accounts for 54.2% of total ad spending in the country — and this isn’t a fluke. Digital marketing is effective, but there are multiple routes marketers can take. So, how do you know which?

SEO and paid media campaigns are two of the most common digital marketing strategies, and they’re often implemented together as a one-two punch. SEO is a more long-term play in which marketers will work to enhance a website’s SERP rankings, and the latter includes anything from paid social media ads to PPC campaigns. While paid media can get you thousands of impressions,  it may not…

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